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Beeswax packaging

Beeswax packaging is intended for easy and convenient food packaging, coating, storage, freezing.
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Beeswax packaging sets

Different size beeswax packaging options for food storage and taking the food with you.
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~ About Ozo ~

Oz beeswax packaging consists only of natural ingredients

1. We use organic cotton, which is subject to the highest standards in the textile industry, as a basis for OZO beeswax packaging;

2. Our beeswax is obtained in the biologically certified Edvīns Ozoliņš beehive;

3. BIO Coconut oil

4. Pine resin
~ Ozo's suggestions ~

In order to use OZO's beeswax packaging for a long time, it is important to know:

Easily takes shape
Cover the beeswax wrap, which is placed on the dish or food by hand, hold for 5 seconds. Using the heat of the hands, it will take the required shape.
After use, the beeswax packaging is rinsed in lukewarm or cool water, dried and reused for at least a year.
Biological packaging
It contains organic cotton, beeswax from biologically certified Edvīns Ozoliņš apiary, organic coconut oil and pine resin.
When the wrap is no longer used for wrapping food, use it to start a bonfire.
~ About Ozo ~

How to use OZO beeswax wrap:

WRAP – use OZO beeswax wrap to wrap bread, sandwiches, vegetables or fruit, use the wrap to cover a bowl, cup, glass or any other container.

WASH – rinse OZO beeswax wrap in lukewarm or cold water.

REUSE – OZO beeswax wrap can easily be used over and over again.

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